iPhone 7 32GB Writes Data 8 Times Slower, Says Latest Test

The last time tests were carried out using the 32GB version of Apple?EU?s iPhone 7, it showed that the smartphone was actually slower than the 64GB version of last year?EU?s iPhone 6s, which goes to show that Apple could be using slower flash memory chips inside the base model of its iPhone 7. Now, popular YouTuber Lou from Unbox Therapy has decided to take the iPhone 7 32GB model for another test and while the results may appear different, they still do not change their stance on the fact that the 32GB model is indeed a slower version.

In the video-based test, the free PerformanceTest Mobile app is used to test the devices, and both the 32GB iPhone 7 and a 128GB iPhone 7 are used. While both devices have near similar read speeds, with the 32GB model reading at 656MB per second and the 128GB model reading at 856MB per second, the biggest difference arises when the different models?EU? write speeds pop up.

In these tests, 128GB model easily swoops past its 32GB counterpart as it is able to write data at a speed of 341MB per second. Unfortunately, the base model of iPhone 7 doesn?EU?t even come close to that speed, as the 32GB flash memory is only able to write data at 42MB per second, confirming that the smartphone writes data nearly 8 times slower than the higher capacity model.

Flash memory has an issue that it slows down the entire device if there is limited storage available to the user. You will obviously need more storage for future software updates, so we highly recommend that if you are on the lookout for an iPhone 7, then do not purchase the 32GB storage model. Instead, do yourself a favor, and purchase the 128GB model, since that is the best possible...

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