iPassword Rolls Out Individual Subscription Plan for $2.99 per Month

Nobody likes managing passwords -- remembering, maintaining and regularly changing them is a chore that most computer users avoid. Now, Canadian software developer AgileBits is aiming to make that chore easier -- or at least cheaper.

AgileBits' 1Password password manager now has a new subscription plan for individuals. AgileBits' family and team password management platforms have been successful, so now it has introduced a service that?EU?s aimed at individuals for use at work or at home.

Simple and Safe

The Toronto-based AgileBits is offering its 1Password platform to individuals for $2.99 per month, which provides access to 1Password's baseline functions. Those means 1Password will remember all passwords, along with PIN codes, documents, credit cards and more.

The service also makes it easier to change weak or duplicate passwords, and lets users sign into their accounts with a single click. Users can sign up online before September 21 for a free six-month trial, the $2.99 subscription cost is activated after that.

1Password is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, with options for consumers and businesses. The program also includes some new features, such as built-in automatic sync across devices, data-loss protection, secure document storage, Web access, and easy restoration of deleted or changed files. It integrates with all popular browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

"Using our new service provides the simplest and most feature-packed way to use 1Password," wrote AgileBits founder Dave Teare on the company?EU?s blog.

Risky Company Move?

Are services like 1Password worthwhile? Travis Smith, senior security research engineer at Tripwire, told us that there?EU?s conflict about the value of managed password services in the security business.

"On one side, there?EU?s the risk that the third-party service is breached and/or your master password is compromised, resulting in a complete loss of all your accounts," said Smith. "Considering the number...

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