iOS 8 Users Report Numerous Bugs

Apple users who have downloaded iOS 8 since its release last week report they are encountering a number of problems with the new operating system. Among the top complaints are fast-draining batteries, Wi-Fi connection problems and crashing apps.

When it announced the release of iOS 8, Apple said the operating system would deliver a "simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience." In addition to 4,000 new APIs (application programming interface), iOS 8 features a new level of security that prevents Apple from being able to bypass users' pass codes. The change means it's no longer "technically feasible" for Apple to access data on users' devices in response to government warrants.

As of Sunday, four days after iOS 8 became available as a free software update, 46 percent of Apple devices were using the new system, according to the companyEUs developer support page. Another 49 percent were still using iOS 7, while 5 percent continued to use older versions of Apple's operating system.

EUMore Bug-Ridden than BetaEU

Numerous posts have popped up on Apple's online support forums in recent days seeking fixes to a variety of iOS 8-related problems. Among users' complaints: "My battery drains very fast (100 percent to zero in about 4 hours with minimal usage"; "Wi-fi not working well at all"; "Apps are crashing"; "Texts going out and coming in are messed up"; and "Applications such as MDN, Zite, and Goodreader are now unstable."

In addition to suggested fixes being posted on Apple's forums, other sites are also offering ways to resolve iOS 8 problems. OSXDaily, for example, has published an extensive guide on how to address Wi-Fi connection problems, while Forbes posted a "lessons learned" follow up to its "Guide to What's Great in iOS 8."

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