iOS 8 Adoption Slows to a Crawl

Thanks to assorted problems with AppleEUs latest mobile operating system, users are adopting it more slowly than they did with past releases of iOS. In fact, adoption of iOS 8 has slowed almost to a standstill.

Apple reported that that less than half of its mobile devices are running iOS 8 since its release in September. By comparison, the previous version, iOS 7, was running on about 70 percent of devices about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by analytics firm Mixpanel. iOS 8 adoption has increased by only 1 percent over the past two weeks.

As of Monday, almost three weeks after its release, iOS 8 adoption among users of the iPhone and iPad is at just 47 percent. And adoption was at only 46 percent just six days after its release on September 17. Apple has declined further comment on the dwindling adoption rate.

Problems From the Start

Almost as soon as it was released, iOS 8 seemed to be having its share of problems. It was reported to be causing apps like Facebook and Dropbox to crash 78 percent more often than iOS 7. The average crash rate recorded on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was 3.56, higher than the rate recorded for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s, according to the app analytics firm Criticism.

Part of the slow adoption rate might be a result of chatter about the more serious bugs, such as the one that temporarily caused some usersEU phones to stop working. Also, the software update requires a notable amount of storage on the device, around 5 GB, when installed wirelessly over the Internet. Some users were forced to delete content from their phones to make room for the installation.

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