Internet Stats Show Adoption of Windows 10 Slowing

Adoption rates for Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system, released July 29, are beginning to slow down, according to Internet statistics. Windows 8.1 appears to be bearing the brunt of the OS update, showing the greatest drop in usage rates globally.

StatCounter's Global Stats for the past month show a steep curve for Windows 10 adoption rates from 0 percent prior to the release date to 5.84 percent by mid-month. Since then, usage of the new OS has flattened and even declined slightly to about 5.34 percent as of yesterday.

This weekend could show a new spike in adoption rates, however, as downloads historically rise on peoples' days off from work. In fact, every usage peak for Windows 10 so far has occurred on a Sunday, according to StatCounter.

As for Windows 8.1: usage dropped from 15.04 percent on July 22 to 12.4 percent on August 20. Windows 8 fell from 3.28 percent on July 22 to 3.06 percent on August 20, while Windows 7 dipped just slightly from 50.11 percent on July 22 to 49.1 percent on August 20. And Windows XP fell from 9.27 percent on July 22 to 9 percent on August 20.

First New Build for Windows 10

Microsoft has described Windows 10 as its "last" version of Windows, as it plans to update the OS on an ongoing basis rather than periodically releasing new, discrete updates. The new operating system, designed to provide the same user experience across all devices running Microsoft's software, also signals the company's shift to a cloud-based rather than software purchase model.

"With the general availability of Windows 10, the Windows Insider Program will focus on building and delivering Windows as a service by updating Windows 10 with new features and functionality on an ongoing basis," Gabe Aul, engineering general manager for the operating systems...

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