Intel CEO Pledges $300 Million To Build Diversity in Tech

Intel has a big vision for the future of computing, and the technology giant laid it out at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday. Beyond the innovations, part of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote address revealed a $300 million investment to encourage more diversity at his company and across the tech industry.

"The rise of new personal computing experiences, intelligent and connected devices, and the wearable revolution are redefining the relationship between consumers and technology. Our goal with Intel technology is to help solve real problems and enable experiences that are truly desired by people and businesses," Krzanich said.

"In order to do this, we must also do more to lead the growth of diversity and inclusion within the technology industry. Women and under-represented minorities will continue to play a greater role as consumers, influencers, creators and leaders."

Betting on the Future

We caught up with Roger Kay, principal analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates, to get his thoughts on the keynote. He told us Krzanich is being true to Intel form.

"He is articulating a vision of the future -- which just happens to involve a lot of Intel parts -- and then trying to make it real through investment, development work, partnerships and jawboning," Kay said. "None of the elements of his vision are particularly startling. Mainly, Intel wants to make sure it doesn't get left behind in the Internet of Things the way it did in high mobility."

For starters, Krzanich unveiled a wearable device collaboration with Oakley, a 3-D collaboration with Hewlett-Packard, and highlighted True Key, a new cross-platform application by Intel Security.

Also among the announcements were the Intel Curie module, a button-sized hardware product for wearable solutions, and new applications for Intel RealSense cameras spanning robots, flying multi-copter drones, and 3-D immersive experiences.

All About Wearables

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