IBM’s Watson Can Detect the Attitude in Your Writing

Have you ever received an e-mail that sounds snarky and overreact because you're reading the undertones between the lines? Or has anyone ever snapped at you for an offensive e-mail that you sent with the best of intentions?

IBM is working to eliminate that problem with Watson Tone Analyzer. Big Blue is convinced a computer can accurately and automatically detect the tones conveyed in a message and has taken on the challenge of helping you assess and refine your tone in written communications. Of course, the new Watson feature is still in experimental mode but it could be a welcome addition to your communications toolbox.

EUBuilding on similar linguistic analyses that power IBM Watson Personality Insights, Tone Analyzer analyzes given text and provides insights about the emotional, social and writing tones reflected in that text,EU said Rama Akkiraju, distinguished engineer, master inventor, IBM Watson User Technologies. EUSuch insights can be used for a number of purposes including personal and business communications, self-branding, market research, public relations management and automated contact center management.EU

WhatEUs In Your Tone?

LetEUs look at each dimension of the Tone Analyzer's scorecard. IBM has developed a model for inferring emotions from written text. The company focused on three categories: cheerfulness, negative emotions and anger. Cheerfulness may include joy, contentment or happiness while anger denotes hostility, frustration or annoyance. Other negative emotions include fear, despair, guilt and rejection.

As IBM has defined it, social tone includes aspects of social propensities in your personality. Again, IBM defined three categories: openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Finally, writing tone offers feedback on how analytical, confident and tentative your writing is. Akkiraju explained that analytical tone aims to reveal your reasoning and analytical attitude about things while confidence tone points to the degree of certainty exhibited by an individual toward something. Tentative tone shows the attitude of...

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