IBM Targets Hybrid Cloud with New Servers, Software and Tools

Big Blue introduced a slew of new products and services today aimed specifically at hybrid cloud customers. The new offerings include power system servers, software, and storage solutions, along with a new licensing scheme that IBM said will be more flexible for cloud customers.

The goal is to make it easier for enterprises to move compute workloads between private and public cloud environments, particularly for companies with large amounts of data stored onsite, according to IBM.

Servers for the Hybrid Cloud

"Hybrid cloud computing requires new levels of openness, dynamic data management, integration, automation and scalable performance in server, storage and software technologies,EU said Don Boulia, Vice President of Cloud Services, IBM Systems. EUIBM brings all of these technologies together from on-premises data centers and inside public and private clouds to more efficiently manage traditional computing with new mobile, big data and social computing workloads."

Among the power system servers IBM introduced is the E850, a 4-socket system with flexible capacity and what the company said is up to 70 percent guaranteed utilization. IBM is marketing the server as a solution for cloud service providers and medium and large enterprises looking to securely and efficiently deploy multi-tenancy workloads.

The E850 is accompanied by the E880, a power system geared toward critical, data-intensive business workloads. The E880 comes with 192 cores to handle the increased capacity that can be required for cloud deployments without any loss of efficiency. The PurePower System, meanwhile, is intended as a quick-to-deploy compute, networking and storage server with advanced security capabilities.

More Flexible Licensing

The company also announced that it is rolling out its new software-as-a-service storage solution to provide data management as a hybrid cloud service in order to optimize on-premises storage infrastructure. The new service, called IBM Spectrum Storage, will provide clients with access to storage consumption data...

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