IBM Brings Apple’s Swift Language into the Cloud

Already one of the fastest-growing programming languages today, Apple's Swift is now being extended to the cloud by IBM. The move is aimed at enabling enterprises to more rapidly build and deploy new mobile apps.

The Swift announcement was one of several new cloud developments IBM revealed today at its InterConnect cloud and mobile conference taking place in Las Vegas this week. Big Blue also said it was extending its software platform to enable new ways to connect to the IBM Cloud. Additionally, the company launched new partnerships with VMware and GitHub to help enterprises move faster into cloud offerings.

Introduced in 2014, Apple's Swift (pictured above) programming language was created to allow developers to build apps for iOS mobile devices and other devices such as the Apple Watch and Apple TV. Swift became open source at the beginning of December.

'Radically Simplify' App Development

IBM and Apple have been collaborating since mid-2014 on a program called IBM MobileFirst for iOS that promotes enterprise apps for key business sectors such as banking, retail and telecommunications. When Apple open-sourced Swift, IBM also released its Swift Sandbox, which has since been used by more than 100,000 developers around the world, according to the company.

In bringing Swift to the cloud, IBM is now rolling out a preview of a Swift runtime and a Swift Package Catalog. The company said bringing Swift to the server will help break down enterprise barriers between front-end and backend development.

"Swift is easy to learn, reliable, fast and interactive, the key traits that CIOs look for when building the next generation of enterprise mobile apps," Michael Gilfix, vice president of IBM MobileFirst Offering Management, said today in a statement. "Swift on the cloud is an opportunity for enterprises to radically simplify the development of end-to-end applications and therefore reach...

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