IBM Boosts Online Commerce with Watson’s Smarts

Big Blue is pressing hard on the commerce front, adding new bells and whistles to help online retailers grab the insights they need to measure sales performance -- then make smart merchandising moves quickly. The new bells and whistles come straight from the heart of IBM's Watson supercomputer.

The upgraded IBM Commerce Insights leverage Watson?EU?s cognitive capabilities so retail analysts can tap into real-time views of marketing influences and customer behaviors that are impacting their businesses. The idea is to help analysts get ahead of the game by identifying opportunities and challenges and taking informed actions that ultimately drive stronger performance and sales results, according to IBM.

?EU?In today?EU?s data-driven world, teams must be plugged into the pulse of their business and markets at any given time to assess performance and identify new opportunities in the blink of an eye,?EU? said Deepak Advani, general manager at IBM Commerce, in a statement. ?EU?Through cognitive commerce, businesses understand performance on entirely new levels, identify patterns and make the type of unlikely connections that in the end bring customers the right experiences at the right time, whether they are expecting it or not.?EU?

Era of the Empowered Consumer

IBM said this is the era of the ?EU?empowered consumer," where the wants and needs of customers are shifting constantly based on both expected and unexpected factors. Retailers can anticipate a holiday season bump but sudden changes in weather, new trends and competitor pricing are more difficult to predict.

Some retailers are also tempted to make merchandising decisions based on what worked in the last season. Although instant gratification is a constant among consumers, only real-time business data and analytics can pinpoint exactly what is trending and what is not at a granular level.

IBM Commerce Insights aims to help retailers overcome these challenges by offering clear views of how they...

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