Huawei Rolling Out $800 Gold-Plated Smart Watch

Chinese electronics giant Huawei is targeting the heaviest of the heavy hitters in the watch market with its new Android Wear smart watch. The company has a gold-plated edition that runs $799.99. The black version runs $449 and a gold-plated version with a brown leather strap sells for $699.

Earlier today, the smart watches were posted for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of September 2. However, that information has now been scrubbed from the e-commerce giant's Web site. But a cached version of the ad can still be found on Google.

The smart watch features a 1.4-inch circle AMOLED display with scratch resistant sapphire glass and a gold-plated stainless body, according to the specs that were posted on Amazon. It is compatible with most devices that carry an iOS 8.2 or Android 4.3 or later mobile operating system.

It looks like a regular wristwatch but acts like a smart watch. The Huawei model gets notifications and alerts for calls, texts and apps -- there are over 4,000 Android Wear apps from which to choose. Fitness tracking is also included, and there are over 40 preinstalled watch faces and swappable bands, according to the information from Amazon.

But itEUs Not An Apple

We asked Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group, for his thoughts on the extravagant smart watch. He told us it is attractive and it's not a bad value.

EUIt has a good cross selection of features but the original reason folks bought watches, for the most part, was status,EU Enderle said. EUIt is more of a statement than a tool, particularly today when we have other things that can tell time equally well that we carry.EU

The difficulty for Huawei, though, is the brand itself, Enderle said. Folks associate luxury status with brands like Rolex, Apple, Ferrari and...

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