Huawei Debuts Next-Gen Kirin Chipset

Huawei has officially announced its Kirin 960, and just to refresh things, the chipset is going to power the upcoming Mate 9, which is due later in the year. The Kirin 960 SoC is the first to harness the power of the Cortex-A73 cores. This will allow Kirin 960 to gain an upper hand against MediaTek, Qualcomm and of course Samsung?EU?s home-manufactured chips. Huawei?EU?s own chip features an octa-core processor configuration that features 4 Cortex-A73 cores, while the remaining are Cortex-A53.

According to sources close the matter, Kirin 960 has been manufactured on TSMC?EU?s 16nm FinFET architecture and will promise better efficiency, as you will soon find out. Compared to the previous generation chipsets, Kirin 960 is able to deliver CPU improvements up to 15 percent and graphical improvements of an unbelievable 180 percent. The reason behind this is because Kirin 960 features the most powerful mobile GPU in existence right now, the ARM Mali-G71.

The improved GPU architecture will also result in a 20 percent rise in GPU efficiency. Huawei also claims that Kirin 960 will provide support for the UFS 2.1 storage and LPDDR4 memory. Since chipsets present in Android smartphone normally have embedded LTE modems, and this one features a Cat.12/13 modem, which peaks out at bps download and 150Mbps upload.

Not only this, but Huawei?EU?s latest mobile offering will be the first to feature the company?EU?s ISP (Image Signal Processor). This processor has been intended to bring smartphone cameras much closer to the retina vision of human beings. You can check in the screenshots how far the chipset has come both in performance and efficiency, which means the upcoming Mate 9 might finally be a good choice to purchase now that Galaxy Note 7 is no longer going to be produced.

Huawei Mate 9 is expected to get announced on...

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