HTC U11 Plus Release Date, News and Features

Early 2017's HTC U11 is an impressive phone, receiving 4.5 stars in our review, but the company seems to be aiming for that final half a star with its newly launched bigger and better version.

The HTC U11 Plus features a larger screen -- without increasing the handset size much -- with improved specs compared to the best previous phone from HTC this year. We've put together this guide to tell you everything you need to know about the new device previously known as Ocean Master.

The U11 Plus isn't alone either, as it launched alongside the HTC U11 Life, but we've put together a separate guide where you can learn everything about that phone. We've also been hands on with both the devices, which you can read about below.

Cut to the Chase

-- What is it? A larger and more powerful version of the HTC U11

-- When is it out? It was announced November 2, official release date to follow

-- What will it cost? Starts at around $900

HTC U11 Plus Release Date and Price

We don?EU?t know for sure when the HTC U11 Plus will land, but the phone has now been officially unveiled so we know most of the details.

You'll be able to buy the phone in the UK, but there are currently no plans from HTC to bring the phone to the US. We will keep you updated if that plan changes, but for now HTC's official stance is it won't be bringing the U11 Plus to those in the US.

A release date for Australia is currently unclear, but we've asked HTC and hope to hear more soon. If you live in the UK you'll be able to pre-order the U11 Plus from November 20, but when it will actually start shipping is still uncertain.

Pricing wise we know the phone will...

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