HTC One Targets Samsung Galaxy S5

Smartphone maker HTC is calling it the ultimate evolution of the HTC One. The M8 version of HTCEUs flagship smartphone is set to invade the market with an all-new HTC Sense 6 and a Smart Sensor Hub that promises to anticipate your every need.

The Android mobile operating system-powered HTC One M8 has a 5-inch full HD display and a design that tapers to thinner edges with softer curves the company says offers a more natural grip. The device also boasts removable storage, making room for up to a 128GB micro SD memory card.

In the announcement, HTC CEO Peter Chou was full of hyperbole, noting that in 2013 he introduced EUthe best smartphone in the world,EU but that the company didnEUt stop challenging itself and the smartphone status quo. He called the HTC One M8 the EUmost stunning, intuitive and advanced handset that the industry has seen to date.EU

Weak Marketing Hurts

Although some reviewers are saying HTCEUs new device could give the Samsung Galaxy S5 a run for its money, ChouEUs words are still bold in a market where its share has been dwindling. We caught up with Jeff Kagan, an independent technology industry analyst, to get his take on the device. He told us his first question is whether or not the HTC One will be more successful this year than last year.

EUHTC introduced the HTC One last year. I used one of the Google Android devices and liked it. On one hand it was a good, solid, reliable smartphone. On the other hand HTC had very weak advertising, marketing, public relations and brand building,EU Kagan said. EUIn the wireless business you need both.EU

Kagan compared the smartphone marketing success equation to a great steak with great sizzle or a great cake with great frosting. As he sees it, handset makers need...

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