HP’s Sprout PC Adds Affordable 3D Scanning

The Sprout by HP, billed as "the worldEUs first immersive computer," is delivering a breakthrough -- 3D scanning capability to provide users a simple, quick and affordable way to create 3D content, according to HP.

According to HP, it's the first integrated desktop 3D scanning solution to hit the consumer market. The secret sauce relies on Intel Real Sense 3D cameras, HPEUs proprietary 3D Capture Stage and 3D capture software.

Manipulating the Image

Eric Monsef, a vice president at HP who works in the Highly Immersive Systems group, called Sprout, launched last year, the companyEUs EUonrampEU to its "blended reality" strategy. In other words, HP is using Sprout as the foundation for future immersive technologies as computing races toward a 3D future.

The 3D Capture solution lets users capture objects in 3D that they can then further modify, share, and print, Monsef said. The 3D Capture Stage accessory is essentially a turntable that acts as a platform for scanned objects. This turntable automatically tilts 15 degrees while turning to make sure every angle of the object is captured.

Practically speaking, hereEUs how it works: A user taps the appropriate buttons and the 3D Capture app aligns with SproutEUs technology to create a 3D digital model. The user can manipulate that model, rotating or resizing any object to see it from various viewpoints. HP is rolling out 3D Capture as a free upgrade to its current 3D Snapshot software that only captures a single side of the object.

A Huge Market

HP is tapping into opportunity. According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the 3D scanning market will be worth $4.08 million by 2018. The firm said 3D Scanning is continually improving. There has been an accelerated growth in the adoption of 3D Scanning because conversion of point clouds to computer aided design data is becoming easier, prices are...

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