HP Pushes ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA

In a move to drive more adoption in the enterprise, HP just took the covers off its ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA, a portfolio of high-powered data management systems for handling and analyzing big data.

According to HP, organizations are adopting SAP HANAEUs in-memory computing (IMC) technologies to build the next generation of data management platforms. Those data platforms promise to, as HP puts it, EUunlockEU operational efficiencies and cull actionable, real-time business insights from vast data volumes.

EUOrganizations are making long-term, strategic architectural bets for their data centers and data management platforms,EU said Tom Joyce, senior vice president and general manager of Converged Systems at HP. EUSAP HANA provides a catalyst for business transformation and HP has the architecture, expertise and vision to meet its infrastructure needs. HP is investing in delivering the infrastructure that clients need to meet requirements of environments running SAP HANA.EU

Making Informed Decisions Faster

Enterprises may be keen on adopting the architecture the HP ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA delivers clients -- if it lives up to its goals. The idea is to help enterprises deploy data management platforms faster by tapping into scalable systems that can meet shifting business needs.

HP specifically mentioned analytics, data warehousing workloads and running mission-critical business applications. Products in the new portfolio unify the servers, storage, networking, software and services that enterprises need to run their SAP HANA environments, which ultimately works to accelerate the ROI. HP is also boasting about analytics processing speeds that it says are up to double the speed of competing solutions.

EUIn-memory computing allows organizations to quickly make informed business decisions by processing complex transactions using massive amounts of data much faster than ever possible before,EU said Matt Eastwood, group vice president and general manager of Enterprise Platform Group at market research firm IDC. EUTo capitalize on IMC, businesses...

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