HP Goes for New Angle with Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice PCs

Two new desktop PCs launched by HP today aim to fundamentally change the way users interact with their desktop devices. The Elite Slice is aimed squarely at the enterprise market and seems designed to function primarily as a tool for Skype meetings, while the Pavilion Wave appears to target Amazon?EU?s Echo speaker system.

"Today's desktop customers want sleek, innovative and powerful designs that enable new experiences," Mike Nash, vice president, customer experience and portfolio strategy, HP Inc., said in a statememt. "The HP Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice are the result of HP engineers and designers reinventing the desktop by rethinking its shape, size and look while adding functionality to enable new use cases."

Stacking Slices

The Elite Slice (pictured above) has the most to offer enterprise customers. Built around a modular design, the Slice allows new components to be stacked on top of the core. Expansion options include stackable modules such as an audio module or optical disk drive.

The design could help simplify some of the challenges involved in upgrading or expanding employees' workstations. Rather than having to crack open the case to install new components, they can be added simply by stacking them on top of each other like a pile of Legos. The system?EU?s cable-less design, meanwhile, allows it to be powered by the display via a single wire.

Customers can also customize the Slice with a variety of optional covers, including a wireless charging cover that lets users charge their devices just by placing them on their desktops, and the so-called ?EU?collaboration cover" that HP said helps turn the device into a Skype for Business phone for easy call management.

Built for Cortana

Doubling down on its pitch for the conference room, HP has designed a model specifically with conferences in mind, the Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms...

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