How To Stop Google+ Strangers From Spamming You

Privacy advocates are up in arms once again over a Google product. This time, itEUs Google+ and its ability to allow total strangers to e-mail you at will.

Essentially, the search engine giant just rolled out an extension of some earlier improvements that keep Gmail contacts automatically up to date using Google+. Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients when you start typing out a new e-mail address.

EUHave you ever started typing an email to someone only to realize halfway through the draft that you haven't actually exchanged e-mail addresses?EU asked David Nachum, a Google product manager, in a blog post. EUIf you are nodding your head 'yes' and already have a Google+ profile, then youEUre in luck, because now it's easier for people using Gmail and Google+ to connect over e-mail.EU

Maintaining Complete Privacy

Nachum assured that these e-mails work a bit differently so that your e-mail address is only shared with the people you select. Your e-mail address isn't visible to a Google+ connection unless you send that person an e-mail, he said, and that personEUs e-mail address isnEUt visible to you unless he sends you an e-mail. He insists you control whether people can reach you this way with a new setting in Gmail.

If you donEUt want people to be able to e-mail you via this new function, thereEUs a new setting in Gmail you should find and change. Google asks, EUWho can e-mail you via your Google+ profile? You can choose EUAnyone on Google+,EU EUExtended circles,EU EUCirclesEU and EUNo one.EU That gives you freedom to maintain complete privacy.

EUEmailing Google+ connections also takes advantage of Gmail's new inbox's categories. When someone in your circles e-mails you, the e-mail will appear in the Primary category,EU Nachum said. EUBut if you don't have them in your circles, it will be filtered...

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