Hortonworks, LucidWorks Team Up To Bring Search to Big Data

Search may be the next big thing in "big data." To that end, enterprise Apache Hadoop provider Hortonworks has formed a strategic alliance with open source search developer LucidWorks that may pave the way for more people to access and analyze data faster.

Before we get into the details of the news, letEUs get a handle on the players:

Apache Hadoop is an open source framework for distributed storing and processing of large sets of data on commodity hardware. The Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) is an open platform that integrates with existing IT systems so enterprises can build and deploy Hadoop-based applications.

Currently, LucidWorks claims to be the only company delivering an enterprise-grade search development platform built on top of the Apache Solr open source search. LucidWorksEU platform offers an interface that delivers advanced search capabilities to non-technical users.

Analyzing Big Data Faster

EUBecause Apache Solr doesnEUt require complex script development to do searches or access and identify patterns in data, our partnership with LucidWorks will dramatically accelerate the time to value for companies that are ready to make a major investment in big data,EU said Tim Hall, vice president of Product Management at Hortonworks. EUThe use of Solr will also democratize access to big data, which is critical to enabling companies to realize the full value of their information.EU

Under the terms of the alliance, Hortonworks will include Solr in HDP, and HortonworksEU customers will receive support and technology from both Hortonworks and LucidWorks. Combining Apache Solr and HDP promises to make big data accessible to more people within an organization. In other words, itEUs not just developers, analysts and data scientists that can tap the data anymore.

EUOur customers have been selecting these two technologies on their own and asking Avalon to integrate them,EU said Tony Jewitt, vice president of Big Data...

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