Have Your Own Cloud with Lima’s Server Device

Paris-based home cloud hardware startup Lima announced on Monday the launch of their latest device, the Lima Ultra.

Having launched a Kickstarter campaign for their original device back in 2013 that raised a whopping $1,229,074 and sold 60,000 units, this new version promises faster speeds and power, as well as an LED that many users felt was missing from the last edition. With a Quad-Core CPU cadenced at 1.5GHz, Lima is claiming that the Ultra is ?EU?40x more powerful than Lima Original.?EU?

?EU?To give you an example, it takes 30 seconds to transfer a movie to Lima Ultra, instead of 8 full minutes to do the same thing with the Lima Original?EU? says Penelope Liot, Lima?EU?s VP of Marketing.

Founded in 2011 by Séverin Marcombes, the company has operations in the US and China.

What the Lima device allows users to do is essentially create their own low-cost independent cloud network. Based on a plug-n-play model, the device sits between the user?EU?s router and an external hard drive, giving the user remote access to the files stored on the drive from any of their connected devices like their mobile or tablet.

With their stronger hardware, the company says that users will have an easier time streaming 4K videos and other heavy files. They also tell Geektime that the upgraded gear will allow them to send more patches for better long-term support.

Device and OS agnostic, Lima runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

The Ultra comes with a fairly reasonable $129 price tag. The new Lima is expected to reach stores come Q1 of next year. For those interested in picking one up earlier, sales on their website open up [this week] at 12:00 p.m. EST.

One of their big selling points for this kind of device is the privacy that it provides users who want the...

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