Hardware is what got Cross PC started and where our passion lies.   BLame Best Buy’s less than stellar Geek Squad support who irritated our president to no end way back when.  It was then thast the idea behind Cross PC, a company that didn’t deide you or treat you as ‘less than human’ for having omputer issues, was born.


At Cross PC, we solve all sorts of hardware issues, helping you by isolating and correctly identifing hardware problems, additions to your computer to help speed it up and maximize performance, and even plot put your next computer ‘dream machine’.  From start to finish, we can build it for you, or simply consult in the design processes.  We don’t care where you ultimately get the PC as long as you are happy.  We have found that a good consultation leads to a bond of trust with our customers, and helps us help you better when problems arise.



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