Hacktivist Group Targeting Healthcare.gov

The Obamacare Web site debacle has angered many citizens, but one hacking group has vowed to EUDestroy Obama Care!EU Actually, the hacktivists go by that very name.

Destroy Obama Care has created a distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) tool thatEUs available for free download online. The hacker code aims to bring down the Healthcare.gov Web site, which has already had a slew of challenges servicing citizens.

EUThis program continually displays alternate page of the ObamaCare Web site. It has no virus, Trojans, worms, or cookies,EU according to the groupEUs home page. EUThe purpose is to overload the ObamaCare Web site, to deny serivce [sic] to users and perhaps overload and crash the system. You can open as many copies of this program as you want. Each copy opens multiple links to the site."

Could it Backfire?

Destroy Obama Care isnEUt doing anything entirely new here. The nefarious hacktivist group Anonymous took a similar approach with Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC), which is essentially an open source network stress testing and DDoS attack app. Anybody can download and use it. Anonymous used LOIC to spark a widespread attack against PayPal.

We asked Joseph Lorenzo Hall, a senior staff technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology, for his feedback on Destroy Obama Care. He told us the group could be asking for trouble.

EUPeople need to realize that just because you hate Obamacare doesnEUt mean you can engage in criminal activity to try to affect the technical functionality of Healthcare.gov. It sounds like this group is masterminding this type of campaign,EU Hall said.

EUEven if they claim that they are doing it on the up and up just by loading web pages, the intent is there. They are essentially distributing an attack tool. ThatEUs going to get someone in trouble. The FBI is probably on it already,EU he added.

How Serious...

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