Group Creates 3D Digital Models of Historical Sites

Google is looking to create digital backups of every book on the planet, so why not create digital backups of the real world? ThatEUs exactly what a non-profit organization in doing, using laser scanners to develop minutely-detailed 3D models of historical sites.

On Monday, CyArk conducted a press conference in the Tower of London to present its project, aimed at digitally preserving 500 heritage sites within five years. About a hundred have already been captured, and a fund has been launched to back the project. Nearly three dozen countries sent representatives to the press event, including ambassadors, government officials, and corporate executives.

Over 100 Models

The company has already created over 100 3D models of various statues, Mount Rushmore, Texas-based Spanish missions, Tudor Place, the home of George WashingtonEUs family, and Roman ruins. In the CyArk 500 Challenge, sites can be nominated for digital preservation by individuals and governments through the organizationEUs Web site, and an international advisory council of experts in historical heritage will make the final decisions.

The next round of sites to be captured include Pompeii, Babylon, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Titanic, the Sydney Opera House, and the Tower of London.

CyArk co-founder Ben Kacyra said in a statement that the organizationEUs mission is EUto create a 3D-digital library of the worldEUs most important heritage sites.EU He added that digital preservation EUwill ensure that these treasures are available for appreciation and study for years to come.EU The organizationEUs executive director said that the overall goal is nothing less than building EUthe Alexandria Library of 3D-heritage data.EU

If a civilization cannot physically save something, said his wife and co-founder Barbara Kacyra, EUyour next best thing is to digitally preserve it.EU

Destruction All the Time

The technology used, including 3D-laser scanning, radar and related technologies for capturing reality, allows the sites to be...

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