Grads Looking for Work? Master These Top 10 Mobile Skills

With high school and college graduation time comes a new wave of job seekers. Check out these 10 mobile technologies and skills to master if you're looking for a new career in the IT field.

We gathered the list from a recent post by Gartner distinguished analyst Nick Jones, where he outlined 10 mobile technologies and skills that organizations need to master over the next two to three years. Their need represents your opportunity. Whether you are a recent grad looking for career direction or an experienced IT pro looking to differentiate yourself, gaining these skills that are in high demand can be your key to success.

1. Multi-Platform/Multi-Architecture App Development Tools

Jones predicts most organizations will need application development tools that support what he calls a "3 x 3" future. That means support for the three key platforms (Android, Windows, and iOS) and three application architectures (native, mobile Web, and hybrid).

"Tool selection will be a complex balancing act," he writes, trading off many technical and nontechnical issues, such as productivity versus vendor stability. Jones suggests that most large organizations will need a variety of different tools to be able to accommodate the various platforms, and therefore, developers as well as IT support staff will need to be proficient with multiple platforms and multiple architecture types.

2. Enterprise Mobile Management

This is a big one, especially for our readers, and closely related to the much-talked about BYOD or 'bring your own device' trend. For effective enterprise mobile management (EMM), IT staffers need the ability to manage and secure data across whichever mobile devices are being used throughout the enterprise, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Employees bringing their own devices with them can be a huge help for productivity, but also a huge hindrance to data security, presenting a whole new set of risk management...

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