Got an Older PC or Apple TV? No iTunes Store for You!

So, you say you have a Windows PC that's still running on Windows XP or Vista. Now, you may be beholden to those older versions of Windows, but you also know that Microsoft is no longer providing support for those versions of its flagship operating systems, right?

And if you had been dragging your feet on either upgrading your PC, or just buying a new one entirely, Apple is now giving you a reason to do so.

On Monday, Apple said that starting May 25, its iTunes Store will no longer provide support for Windows PCs running on either Vista or XP. Apple said that because of "security changes," beginning May 25, Vista and XP users won't be able to use the latest version of iTunes.

That doesn't mean iTunes will be completely worthless, but it's in the neighborhood.

Apple said whatever version of iTunes you have before May 25 will still work, but...You won't be able to use it to make any new purchases from iTunes, nor will you be able to download any previous purchases. What that means is if you bought a movie from iTunes, and, maybe, you had to delete it in order to free up some hard drive space, and you then decide that you want to get that movie back, you won't be able to download it after May 25. You will need to use Windows 7, or a later version of the operating system, if you want to have all the full features of iTunes.

And those Windows XP and Vista users aren't the only ones getting locked out of future iTunes upgrades. If, by chance, you still have one of the first versions of Apple TV, which Apple originally started shipping in 2007 and declared obsolete in late 2015, it will no longer get any more support...

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