Googling 101: How To Perform the Most Effective Online Search

It's no exaggeration to say that good Googling is an essential skill -- in school, in the workplace, in daily life. But unlike most of the other vital abilities we learn from parents, teachers and colleagues, when it comes to learning how to do online searches, we're largely on our own.

No longer. To help close gaps in the Google-search education we have all given ourselves, we reached out to an expert, a former senior support engineer at Google who now works as a search-engine optimization (SEO) expert at Fili Wiese has spent years working on technology related to online searches, and he has tips for ensuring the most useful and relevant search results.

We spoke with the Berlin-based Wiese by phone about how to search effectively, how to sort facts from fake news, and what online searches may look like in the future. His comments have been edited for length and clarity.

Q: When planning for a search, what should we be thinking about?

A: We need to sit for a moment and try to determine what we are trying to accomplish, what information we need and what keywords may be relevant. Often users skip this step and just type the first thing that comes to mind. Not that this is entirely wrong, sometimes it is nice to be browsing around and get a impression of what is out there.

However if you are goal driven for a search, for example to find trustworthy and/or relevant information about a product, then you need to plan ahead for a few minutes. Am I looking for a government source? Am I looking for a commercial source? If you don't know what success is you can go on forever, or quit too early because you think that you have it.

Q: What should Google search users know...

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