Google’s Schmidt Backs Cybersecurity Firm Illusive Networks

A new cybersecurity firm backed by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt (pictured above) is hoping to beat hackers at their own game by focusing less on the tools they use and more on the people behind the attacks.

The company, Tel Aviv-based illusive networks, hopes to defend organizations against future breaches by throwing false information into hackersEU paths, while keeping actual data protected.

EUAs successful attackers move towards their target, they rely on one simple fact -- that the data they collect is accurate,EU said Shlomo Touboul, illusive networksEU CEO. EUWhat if we tamper with that data and create an environment where attackers canEUt rely on the information they gather. If the information is unreliable, the attack cannot move forward.EU

Going on Offense

The companyEUs solution prevents targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats by proactively EUbaitingEU an organizationEUs IT network with a layer of deception. When an attacker acts upon baited information, illusiveEUs technology both neutralizes the attack and instantly triggers a breach report, enabling security administrators to detect, track and contain the attack in its early stages.

It also provides security administrators real-time forensics information, collected at the moment attackers take the bait and before they have time to clean their tracks. Because illusive triggers breach reports only when attackers act on false information, security administrators theoretically do not have to worry about being flooded with millions of daily EUfalse positiveEU alerts.

EUIllusive is nothing like honeypots or honeynets,EU said Ofer Israeli, founder and vice president of R&D. EUIllusiveEUs EUdeception everywhereEU technology takes a virtual brush and paints a deceptive layer of honey over the entire network. Every real endpoint, server and network component is coated with deception, creating an alternate reality that neutralizes the attacker.EU

Team8EUs First Company

The company announced today that it has just raised $5 million from Team8, a cybersecurity incubator...

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