Google’s News Lab Aims To Help Journalists

Many reporters have developed an ad hoc system of using Google-related tools in their work. Now the tech giant wants to consolidate those tools and make them easier for journalists to use.

On Monday, the company announced the launch of a new site called News Lab, which intends to connect journalists with programs, data and other resources -- all from Google -- to help in their reporting. The site will feature tutorials and best practices on how to use Google products in reporting. It will offer access to the recently updated Google Trends service, as well as other services.

News Lab shows some of the journalism-related partnerships Google has pursued lately, including those with media accelerator Matter and grassroots journalism organization Hackers/Hackers. Google is also holding TechRaking summits with the Center for Investigative Reporting, among other events.

Additionally, News Lab offers information on developing new investigative tools, including the use of drones in reporting. GoogleEUs News Lab will also power the training and research arm of GoogleEUs Digital News Initiative in Europe.

The company will make its tools made available to journalists around the world and get helpful Google data sets in the hands of journalists everywhere, News Lab director Steve Grove said in a blog post.

Useful Mechanisms

We reached out to Mitch Ratcliffe, senior analyst and digital media strategist with BIA/Kelsey, who told us that News Lab will be useful for people who want to use the mechanisms for doing journalism to tell their stories, but it wonEUt replace the news judgment taught in good journalism schools.

"Ultimately, because we know Google surfaces data selectively, it would be a mistake to use only these Google tools to report on Google, as just one example of why this is merely a partial solution to doing digital news," said Ratcliffe. "And I think...

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