Google’s New Mobile ‘Carousel’ Ready for a Go-Round

Users who rely on Google for their mobile Web searches may now find the process a little easier and more productive. Earlier this week, the search giant added a new "carousel" feature to the search results page displayed on mobile devices.

This will let users easily scan recent articles and videos related to their search topics. Instead of having to scan through numerous pages, Google will bundle together articles and videos from a single site into a scrollable carousel that appears when users are looking for sites directly or when they browse using specific keywords.

The new feature, which is only available on in English for now, arranges the results of a search together by source as a cluster to better help users choose the best suggestion with the fewest clicks. So far the feature is only available in the United States.

Less Sifting

"Whether you're looking for the latest clips from EUThe Daily Show,EU news about the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone, or highlights from today's Panthers game against the Canadiens, it can be hard to sift through all the great videos, articles, and more out there to find what interests you," Google Search Product Manager Ardan Arac wrote in a blog post Thursday.

For instance, if users search for NPR, they'll now see a carousel with links to all NPR's latest articles and videos, Arac said. Or, if they search for information about the New York Knicks, theyEUll be able to browse content from the team's Web site as well as check out videos and news from ESPN and Bleacher Report.

If you donEUt see it yet when searching for your favorite sites, Google said it will be making additional carousels available for more sites soon. For now, it seems the feature displays only news and videos from one outlet at...

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