Google’s Inbox App Lets You Unring the (E-Mail) Bell

Have you ever sent an e-mail to the wrong person? With auto fill on e-mail clients, itEUs easy enough to do -- and at times it can be downright embarrassing, especially if you are talking about the person to whom you mistakenly sent the e-mail.

Enter the new and improved Inbox by Gmail. Google first introduced this newfangled e-mail app back in October. Now, with the spotlight shining on the company's Google I/O 2015 developers' conference, the company is adding in some of the features it was missing at launch.

EUFor starters, youEUve mentioned how much you like seeing key information at a glance, like when your package is arriving,EU Alex Gawley, director of Product Management at Gmail, said in a blog post. So today Inbox is adding Trip Bundles: All of your e-mails about a trip will now be bundled together and the most important details -- like flight times and hotel reservation numbers -- will be available the instant you open Inbox.EU

Saving You Time (and Face)

ThatEUs a nice feature, but some of you may be looking to avoid the embarrassment mentioned earlier. The made-over Inbox by Gmail gives you more control with three key features: Undo Send, Swipe to Delete and Signatures -- all in the name of productivity.

EUWith Undo Send -- now for the first time on your phone -- you can take back an e-mail right after sending in case you spotted a mistake, or have second thoughts,EU Gawley said. EUIf youEUd rather get rid of messages, you can make EUDeleteEU the default swiping action. If you want to personalize your sent messages, you can now add a custom signature.EU

Google is working hard to leverage the trend toward mobile e-mail use, especially given that mobile opens are down on Android and up on iPhone, according to a...

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