Google Updates G Suite with AI Productivity Features

Previously known as Apps for Work, Google's G Suite for productivity now features several new machine learning-enabled tools designed to make it easier and faster for professionals to collaborate on documents, create forms and format content with voice commands.

Rebranded last month, G Suite includes cloud-based Google apps such as Docs, Sheets and Slides. The latest updates, announced yesterday, tap into the artificial intelligence insights generated through years of user queries to Google.

Among the new features unveiled yesterday in a blog post by product manager Ryan Weber are intelligently generated action items for team members working together on a document, response suggestions for faster form creation, voice-enabled commands for formatting and customization in Google Docs and easier Drive-based document sharing through the Slack collaboration app.

Designed to 'Simplify' Work

In his blog post, Weber said the new updates build on the "Explore" capabilities rolled out with the G Suite rebrand. Explore introduced machine learning-based enhancements that let users choose from dynamically generated design suggestions for presentations, quickly find recommendations for research sources and analyze spreadsheets through natural-language questions rather than formulas.

"One of the core promises of Google Docs is to help you and your team go from collecting ideas to achieving your goals as quickly and easily as possible," Weber said. He added the new G Suite features were "designed to speed up and simplify the way you work, so you can focus on bringing your team's ideas to life."

Weber said professionals collaborating on documents in Docs will now see intelligently suggested action items when they type in the names of other team members. For example, typing the phrase, "Andrea to schedule a weekly check in," will pop up a suggestion that lets them quickly assign that task to the right person.

Those assigned action items will also...

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