Google Targets Facebook with Mobile Messaging App

Despite failed attempts to combat Facebook on the social media front with Google Plus -- Google revamped the app last month to make it more relevant -- the search engine giant is once again going head to head with its online rival. Reports suggest Google is building a brand spanking new mobile messaging app that would contend with Facebook Messenger.

Google is taking a different approach to online messaging, though. Google is using its artificial intelligence savvy and something it calls ?EU?chatbot technology?EU? to make up for lost time in this vital market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The mobile messaging app market is rising rapidly. Last month, market research firm eMarketer predicted more than 1.4 billion consumers will use mobile phone messaging apps in 2015. That?EU?s up a significant 31.6 percent over 2014. Put another way, 75 percent of smartphone users will use over-the-top mobile messaging apps at least once a month this year.

Why Google Is Getting In Now

So far, Google has been absent in this space. That has given Facebook Messenger (pictured) an easy advantage. Last year, the social media giant essentially forced all users to download the app if they wanted to read messages on their mobile phones. In September 2015, Facebook had 1.01 billion daily active users on average, according to the company?EU?s stats.

However, Facebook also came late to the market, which had been dominated until last year by the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and Snapchat. Now it appears that Google is no longer willing to ignore the potential revenue stream and branding opportunity. Last month, eMarketer predicted the number of mobile messaging users will reach 2 billion -- 80 percent of smartphone users -- by 2018.

?EU?Some of the key drivers of mobile messaging?EU?s growth identified include consumers?EU? growing interest in intimate forums for social sharing,...

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