Google Rolling Out Its Own MVNO Carrier Network

Mobile operating system developers groaned when Google launched Android. Now, wireless carriers may start groaning along with them. ThatEUs because Google is challenging the status quo in the wireless space

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, Google announced clear cut plans to launch a wireless service in the U.S. Google executive Sundar Pichai didnEUt reveal all the details, but he did offer just enough to generate plenty of buzz for what he described as a small-scale service.

EUThe core of Android and everything we do is to take an ecosystem approach and [a network would have] the same attributes. We have always tried to push the boundary with the innovations in hardware and software,EU Pichai said in an on-stage interview, according to TechCrunch. EUWe want to experiment along those lines. We donEUt intend to be a network operator at scale. We are actually working with carrier partners. Will announce something in the coming months.EU

Who Should Be Worried?

Maybe GoogleEUs challenge wonEUt keep the big four up at night after all -- at least not all four of them. So what does it mean? That depends on which carriers end up partnering with Google. Pichai did not offer names. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon could not immediately be reached for comment.

EUThey know what we are doing,EU Pichai said, according to the Wall Street Journal. EUIn the end, partners like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S. are what powers most of our Android phones. And the model works extremely well for us. And so thereEUs no reason for us to course correct.EU

Google appears to have much more to gain than to lose. According to IDCEUs latest data, Android holds 81.5 percent of the smartphone operating system market, gaining 32 percent in the past year. By way of comparison, Apple...

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