Google Releases Playbook App for Android Developers

With the Android operating system continuing to dominate the mobile market globally, Google figures there are a lot of developers out there who might want help to better promote and sell their apps. With that in mind, Google yesterday released Playbook for Developers, a business-building app for people who create apps.

Playbook for Developers provides an array of articles and videos for people looking to bring their Android apps to a wider market, with resources organized into different categories depending on what stage of development an app is in: development, launch, engagement, growth or revenue generation.

The app has been taken for a trial run by beta testers over the past six weeks, according to a Google blog post about the Playbook launch. Google said that it will continue to update content and add new resources to the app over time.

Multiple Languages, Android 5.0 and Up

Designed for developers running Android 5.0 and up, Playbook is available in other languages in addition to English: Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Latin American Spanish, Russian, Taiwanese Mandarin and Vietnamese.

This is the second app created especially for Google Play developers, according to Google. The first app, the Google Play Developer Console, lets developers track statistics and financial data for their apps; keep up with status and publishing changes; and read and reply to user reviews via mobile devices.

Playbook for Developers lets users personalize content through a My Playbook interface, designating which articles and other features they want to read, share, save or dismiss. If users choose, resources within the app itself can also be read offline.

Growing Market for Android Developers

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