Google Now Supports 70 More Apps

For Google and Android users, the time is Now. An update to Google's search and information app, Google Now, has added 70 new partners ready to provide you with up-to-the-minute, contextualized information.

The update is currently only available to users of Android devices. We reached out to Google to check on availability on the iOS platform but did not receive a response.

Today's update makes it possible to see proactively provided information from some of the Web's most popular resources. Among the most well-known companies are: Spotify, ABC News, Trip Advisor, MapMyFitness, ZipCar, Pandora, Shazam, eBay, Kayak, Waze, The Economist, and Zillow.

"Our phones help us find answers to questions large and small, stay on top of whatEUs happening in our day and in the world, and get things done quickly," said Aparna Chennapragada, Google's Director of Product Management. "The Google app can help you do all that, faster, and in one place. And Now cards in the app proactively bring you information at the right time without you even having to ask."

An Information Platform

The expansion of Google Now to include third-party information sources is reminiscent of the transition that occurred when Apple opened up its iTunes Store to third-party apps. All of a sudden, what was a moderately smart cellphone became an electronic powerhouse, capable of morphing from a calculator to a cookbook to a personal trainer to a video arcade with the simple press of an icon.

By creating an API for developers for its Now app, Google is effectively creating a new publishing platform, a place to organize a user's most relevant information in a single place. Apple led the way in making our phones the first things we reach for in the morning; Google wants Now to be the first app everyone opens.

From the start, Google's modest goal has...

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