Google Nearline Storage Now Generally Available

A new data backup and recovery service by Google is out of beta and ready for prime time. Google Cloud Storage Nearline, which the company first announced in March, is available to enterprises looking for online storage for data that does not need to be frequently accessed.

The company also said it would offer new customers a EUSwitch and SaveEU program, providing 100 petabytes of storage free for six months to companies that migrate their documents over from existing cloud storage services such as Amazon Web Services' Glacier storage system.

Massive Storage, Rapid Access

EUThe goal of Google Cloud Storage Nearline is to provide organizations with a simple, low-cost, fast-response storage service with quick data backup, retrieval and access,EU Avtandil Garakanidze, product manager for the Google Cloud Platform, said on the companyEUs blog.

Many companies currently use a tiered storage model where data is first stored in easy-to-access but more expensive storage before they eventually transfer that data to cheaper systems that are less accessible. But by ditching cold storage services for single services that can make all of an organizationEUs data accessible on-demand, companies will be able to conduct data analysis for market intelligence purposes.

Google said that Nearline eliminates the concept of cold storage, which provides cheap online storage en masse but can't be accessed quickly. Nearline, in contrast, can be accessed at any time in a matter of seconds. Pricing for Nearline can be as low as one cent per gigabyte, and data can be retrieved in as little as three seconds, the company said.

New Partners

To further entice new users, Google said it will guarantee 99 percent uptime, on-demand I/O, and lifecycle management, in addition to a broadly expanded partner ecosystem. The on-demand I/O, which allows customers to retrieve data from a Nearline bucket faster than the...

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