Google May Roll Out Smart Watch in First Half of 2014

Smart watches seem to be the next frontier of the consumer electronics industry, and along with the some of its fiercest competitors, Google appears to be entering the market as well. We have known for a while that a Google smart watch was in the works but new reports suggest that the device is nearing mass production.

If these new reports are correct, the Google smart watch could be coming out as soon as the first or second quarter of 2014. The watch will run on the Android operating system (as expected), and will be based on the Google Now virtual assistant, which is already available on other Android devices.

Nearly Complete

Google is rumored to be in talks with Asian manufacturers to put its smart watch into mass production, which would mean Google was likely done with a final version of the device. Other smart watches, namely the Galaxy Gear from Samsung, have failed to take off, meaning that Google will need to separate itself from the reputation of smart watches thus far.

The tech giant aims to provide a smart watch which will offer a wider range of features than the Galaxy Gear and will also stay charged longer. Limited battery life on high-end smart watches has been one of the major areas of complaint for customers.

As with other smart watches, Google's reportedly would be able to sync up with smartphones in order to receive texts, e-mails, and other information. Google has a patent that would allow it to come out with a smart watch featuring a flip-up display, camera and wireless connectivity.

Without many competitors in the market, Google could easily become a market leader if it is able to introduce and release a smart watch early next year. Outside of the Galaxy Gear, Google will have to compete against Sony's...

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