Google Makes Chrome Less of a Battery Hog for OS X

Chrome may soon be a lot less terrible when running on a Mac. At the very least, Google is doing its best to ensure that its popular Web browser will no longer be such an energy hog.

The company said in a post on Google Plus that it was aware of user complaints about the browserEUs tendency to wear down laptop batteries on the Mac, and that it was working to address the problem.

Peter Kasting, Google's Senior Software Engineer for its Chrome user interface team said on his profile that Google had already made some improvements to the browser and would continue to improve it. EUThe Chrome team has no intention of sitting idly by (pun intended) when our users are suffering,EU Kasting said. EUYou should expect us to continually improve in this area.EU

Catching Up to Safari

Kasting acknowledged that Safari, the proprietary browser developed by Apple that comes pre-installed on Macs, performs better than Chrome when it comes to energy use.

To close the gap between the two, Kasting said the Chrome team is making changes to the browserEUs code base, including the way it renders tabs that are open in the background but which the user is not actively using. From now on, renderers for background tabs will receive lower priority than renderers for active tabs.

Google is also making several other improvements to ChromeEUs code, most with the goal of reducing the number of wakeups, or instances when the CPU switches from a sleep state to an active state, to minimize the browserEUs power draw. Currently, Chrome can have dozens of times as many wakeups as Safari.

In addition to improving ChromeEUs power draw, the company said it would also be working to improve RAM use. The changes will be coming to ChromeEUs beta channel in the...

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