Google Invests $1 Million in Research Grants To Secure Drive

Tech giant Google is hoping that a $1 million investment in security will help protect its cloud storage customers from malicious hacks. The company announced a new research grant program that will offer up to $1 million in grants to independent security researchers, over and above its existing budget for security research.

The new funds will be made available through Google?EU?s existing Vulnerability Research Grants program, which the company launched in January as an experimental program to complement its long-running Vulnerability Reward Program. The goal of the Vulnerability Research Grants program is to reward security researchers who look into the security of Google products and services even if they don't find any vulnerabilities.

Improving Drive Over Time

In addition to the new $1 million fund, Google said it would continue to offer up to $20,000 to anyone who finds and reports a qualifying issue through the Vulnerability Reward Program. ?EU?The end result of these ongoing efforts is a product that -- unlike your garden-variety hard drive -- actually gets better over time,?EU? Kevin Nelson, product manager for Google Drive, wrote in a blog post yesterday.

The Vulnerability Research Grants program is divided into three areas of research: newly launched services and features; sensitive product and security research; and security improvement efficacy research.

The recently launched features and products grant is aimed at rewarding researchers looking for new research targets, in particular those who scrutinize new features and services. Grant amounts vary from $500 to $3,133.7.

The sensitive product and security research grant is for security research on an existing Google product that is considered particularly sensitive. The company said this is particularly important since even small mistakes in sensitive services could have grave consequences. For these researchers, grant amounts vary from $1,337 to $3,133.7.

The security improvement efficacy research grant, meanwhile, focuses on research...

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