Google Introduces Analytics 360 Suite for Enterprise Marketers

A new suite of analytics services unveiled by Google today is aimed at enterprise marketers trying to better understand -- and connect with -- their customers, no matter what devices those customers are using or where they are in the browsing or buying process.

The Google Analytics 360 Suite brings together six products, four of them new offerings currently available in limited beta release. They include a data management platform; an optimization tool for Web site testing and personalization; a data visualization tool; and a tag management system that lets marketers create new tags and track customer behavior according to whatever data is most important to them.

Google's new suite also rebrands two existing offerings: Google Analytics Premium, which will now be known as Google Analytics 360, and Adometry, now called Google Attribution 360. In addition, the suite integrates with other Google solutions like AdWords, DoubleClick Bid Manager, the Google Display Network and Google BigQuery.

Google Search-Like Capabilities for Marketing

"Sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are three times more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals," Paul Muret, Google's vice president of analytics, display and video products. wrote today on the Google Analytics Blog.

Muret cited a new Google-commissioned research paper by Forrester Research Inc. that found, among other things, that marketers' successes depend heavily on the ability to integrate analytics with other advertising and marketing technologies and data sources.

A few years ago Google decided to "simplify marketing analytics in the same way we simplified Web search with," according to Muret. The new Analytics 360 Suite is built on a Google infrastructure that can provide enterprise marketers with search-like abilities to handle billions of queries and access fast answers before they even finish typing in a question, he said.

Those capabilities are designed to help marketers...

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