Google Gmail To Auto-Update Google Calendar Events for Biz Users

People who have been using non-Google applications to manage their travel and event plans might find those tasks easier once Google's Gmail begins automatically adding details about those plans to their Calendar apps. Google announced yesterday that it expects to integrate user data from Gmail with its Calendar app over the coming week.

The new integration will take information from Gmail e-mails confirming reservations for flights, hotels, restaurants or ticketed events, and add that by default to users' Calendars. In addition to scheduled times and dates, the Calendar entries will also provide details about flight numbers and check-in times, and will be automatically updated if new e-mails report changes or cancellations.

Available to mobile and desktop Google Apps users on both Android and iOS devices, the new feature will be enabled by default, although users can delete unwanted events from their Calendars or adjust their settings to disable such updates. However, the feature will not be available at all to Google Apps for Government customers.

'Seamless' Travel Planning

"The Internet has made business travel -- booking flights and hotels, reserving restaurant tables, buying event tickets, and more -- infinitely easier," according to a post yesterday on Google's Apps Updates blog. "Adding that information to a calendar, on the other hand, has remained time-consuming and tedious, typically requiring people to copy and paste information from various confirmation e-mails."

Integrating data from Gmail into the Calendar app, will help "lighten that load" for Google Apps users and "make business travel planning even more seamless," the post noted.

The new feature will be rolled out gradually over the next several days, but some users probably won't see a change for three or more days, according to Google. When the feature first becomes available, users going into Google Calendar will see a "What's new" update explaining...

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