Google Drive Rolls Out Mobile Notifications for Shared Files

Tech giant Google is ever looking for chinks in MicrosoftEUs armor -- and it thinks it's found one on the document creation, storage and sharing front. Google Drive is adding new features to woo users from Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft OneDrive to Google Docs and Google Drive.

Amid the changes are security features, sharing notifications and file access invitations and previews. These new features are likely welcome additions to the Google ecosystem-using masses but Microsoft probably isn't biting its nails over the announcement.

EUWhen you store your important files somewhere, you want to have peace of mind that they'll be safe and easy-to-access later,EU said Alex Vogenthaler, group product manager at Google Drive. EUThat's why everything in Drive is always encrypted. And why we encourage all of our users to complete a simple security checkup every now and then. Of course, this should include file sharing as well -- it should be super easy to control who sees what.EU

Eyeing the Improvements

Google is working to make those EUshould besEU a reality with several improvements, including sharing notifications.

EUYou may have noticed recently that itEUs easier to select and share multiple files and folders on iOS and Android -- but checking your e-mail may not be the fastest way to find out when somethingEUs been shared with you,EU Vogenthaler said. Drive now sends mobile notifications to alert users just as soon as any files or folders are shared to their accounts. Users can then tap the screens of their smartphones to head straight to Drive.

Google is also working to overcome a common issue for users -- recipients who canEUt open documents because the senders shared links before giving them access. The Drive for Android app avoids that by letting recipients click links to ask for access when they discover they canEUt open...

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