Google Drive Adds Features To Clean Up Messy File Organization

Users of the Google Drive cloud-based file storage system will find a number of new options for managing their documents, according to changes announced by the company today.

Features recently added by Google include new toolbar options for moving existing files to other locations or for adding new files to Drive. Another change enables users to drag and drop files found through searches into different folder locations in Drive.

The updated capabilities were revealed this week in a pair of posts on the Google Drive and Google Apps Updates blogs.

Aimed at Organization Challenges

"Saving lots of files in Google Drive is a great way to keep them safe," Google Drive software engineer Lior Biran said in a blog post today. "But as you put more and more files there, keeping things organized can be a bit of a challenge." The latest updates rolled out by Google, "will help you more easily put things where they belong," Biran said.

Another new feature is designed to make it easier for users to organize Drive files before they've even uploaded them to the Google app.

"For example, if you're previewing a document that's not already in My Drive, you'll now see an option to Add to My Drive in the toolbar at the top of the screen," according to a Wednesday post on the Apps Updates blog. "If you add that item to My Drive (or if you're previewing an item that's already located in My Drive), you'll now be able to quickly and easily move that file to different folders, directly from the preview screen."

The changes are set to be rolled out to all Google Drive users in stages over the next two weeks, according to Google.

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