Google Docs and Sheets Get Productivity Boost from New Android Tools

Tech giant Google is aiming to make the mobile versions of its popular productivity apps, Google Sheets and Google Docs, a bit more powerful for business users. The company said yesterday that it is now supporting third-party apps for the Android versions of Google Sheets and Google Docs, including integrations with popular apps such as DocuSign and ProsperWorks.

?EU?We know many of you consider your mobile device as your primary tool to consume business information, but what if you could use it to get more work done, from anywhere??EU? Saurabh Gupta, product manager for Google Apps, wrote in a blog post yesterday.

Lots To Like for Education and Biz Users

While the announcement is certainly good news for users who ever wished they could get a bit more work done with their Google apps while they're on the go, the news could be better. For one thing, the add-ons are limited to Android devices, leaving iPhone users out in the cold. The number of third-party apps Google is currently supporting is also pretty limited, with only eight app developers participating.

Additionally, the company is only supporting nine add-ons for Sheets and Docs: DocuSign, Google Classroom, Scanbot, Zoho CRM, AppSheet, EasyBib, Teacher Aide, ProsperWorks CRM, and PandaDoc. While the selection is limited at the moment, the types of apps on offer indicate the focus is clearly on business and education users.

The DocuSign integration, for example, allows users to bring up documents saved in either Docs or Sheets and sign them directly, without having to navigate away from the main app. Google also included support for a second document signing app with the PandaDoc add-on.

Scanbot, meanwhile, lets users scan documents and save them in PDF format, and offers built-in optical character recognition capabilities, allowing information to be extracted from the document...

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