Google Debuts Project Fi Wireless Service

After hinting about it for months, Google on Wednesday finally unveiled its Project Fi low-price wireless service. The service debuted two months after an announcement from Google saying that it would begin providing wireless connections to smartphones. The cost of the service is $20 per month, which covers talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in more than 120 countries.

Project Fi will also only charge users for the actual data they use instead rather than a flat rate. The rate for that data will be $10 per gigabyte. If a customer signs up for a 3-gigabyte plan but uses only 1 gigabyte during a month, the user will get a refund of $20 at the end of the month. That contrasts with the policies of most wireless phone service providers that allow users to carry forward their unused data but don't offer refunds.

Nexus Only

At first, Project Fi will be available only to owners of the Nexus 6 device that Google developed in partnership with Motorola Mobility. Users can buy Nexus 6 smartphones to use with Project Fi directly from Google when they sign up for the service. The midnight blue Nexus 6 is available in two storage sizes: 32 GB for $649 and 64 GB for $699.

The Nexus 6 purchase comes with a payment plan for those who would rather not pay the full cost up front. Users can pay over 24 months at $27.04 per month for the 32 GB option or $29.12 per month for the 64 GB option, with no interest or fees. However, a credit check is required to be eligible for this pricing.

"Similar to our Nexus hardware program, Project Fi enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what's possible,"...

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