Google Debuts Latest Pretty but Pricey Pixel

Although it looks and costs about the same as a MacBook, GoogleEUs latest version of the Pixel Chromebook is still primarily a machine dedicated to browsing the Web. The latest model of Pixel is not quite as restricted as previous models, since the latest version of the Chrome operating system can now access files even when it is not connected to the Internet.

Nevertheless, there is no escaping the fact that the Pixel is still clearly intended to be used along with a working Internet connection. But with a $999 price tag, it is far from clear whether users will be content with a laptop with such limited capabilities.

High-Res Touchscreen

That is not to say that the new Pixel is a slouch in the design department. Far from it. In fact, the new version sports some eye-catching features, particularly with regard to its form factor. For starters, the latest model weighs in at an impressively light 3.3 pounds, lighter than the MacBook Pro but still heavier than the MacBook Air.

It is slim, too, sporting a profile of only 0.6 inches thick. That could help make it attractive to buyers looking for portability above anything else. In addition, the Pixel differentiates itself from the MacBook with its high resolution, 13-inch, 239-pixel-per-inch touchscreen. The body, meanwhile, is constructed from high-grade aluminum.

Google is quick to point out the improvements it has made to this version of the Pixel. The company is now promising up to 12 hours of battery life, with the ability to charge up to two hours worth of battery in only 15 minutes. It has also reduced the price from the previous model by about $300.

The PixelEUs quick charging abilities come courtesy of what may be the machineEUs most attractive new feature, the USB Type-C ports. In...

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