Google Debuts Family Link Parental Control Software

Alphabet Inc. has a new a feature that will help in navigating around child safety features on gadgets. The tech giant will be launching the Family Link, an app that will give parents full parental controls over their children?EU?s devices. Parents will easily establish their child?EU?s first Google account and the series of parental controls will give them power over screen time.

Apparently, Apple and, Inc. offer parental controls on their devices. However, differ from Family Link because Family Link is a two-party system. This makes it more of a monitoring software.

Family Link requires that both parent and child use Android.

Basic parental controls are easy to spot on the standard versions of Apple Inc. iOS and Google Android. However, they are not as extensive as those being offered by Family Link. Google says that it is seeking to keep parents calm over their children?EU?s safety while they use the internet.

Nonetheless, the two must be using Android devices whereby the parent first downloads the app to their device. They also must have Android KitKat (4.4) or higher. Thereafter they can set up the child?EU?s Google account. On the other hand, the child?EU?s device must be running either Android Nougat (7.0) or Marshmallow (6.1) and after the parent signs into theirs, it becomes easy to track usage.

But many of today?EU?s parental control systems are lacking guidance.

Many of the present parental control systems lack guidance yet all have positive app ratings. While Family Link may not be the best solution, parents will be allowed to configure remotely some of the shifting alternatives for some of Google?EU?s own apps. That means kids will not have access to adult content or any other inappropriate material.

The presence of the standalone application could also be very helpful to parents. Nonetheless, Google says it is only accessible to...

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