Google Chromecast Adds Hulu Plus App

Google's dead-simple Chromecast streaming media player can make an ordinary television smart. But when Google brought out this clever $35 fob in July, the device supported only four apps: Netflix and Google's own YouTube, Google Play Movies and Google Play Music properties. That's left the first people who snapped up the tiny devices waiting for fresh content.

The wait is over, at least for one major streaming service. [Wednesday, Google added] support for Hulu Plus, the first new Chromecast partner since launch. Hulu Plus surely won't be the only partner added, though the timing on when others will come aboard remains fuzzy.

Pandora, for example, was expected to be a member of the Chromecast cast as far back as the product launch, but there's still no firm date. HBO Go has also been rumored, but so far it's HBO no go.

"We're working with a lot of content partners," says Mario Queiroz, Google's vice president of product management for TV products.

A quick refresher on how Chromecast works: You plug the gizmo into the HDMI port on the back of an HDTV -- Google says there are more than 600 million TVs around the world with the port -- and connect to Wi-Fi. From there you can wirelessly stream or "cast" video and audio to the TV from supported apps on an Android tablet or smartphone or from an iPhone or iPad.

You can also use the Chrome Web browser on your Windows PC or Mac, or the browser baked into Google's own pricey Chromebook Pixel laptop, to "tab cast" onto the TV the Web page you're looking at on your computer, a feature still in a beta-testing phase.

Viewers who want to cast Hulu Plus must download the latest Android or iOS app for the service. At first Android tablets and smartphones will work, as...

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