Google Buys Apigee for $625M To Boost Cloud-Based Enterprise Services

As more enterprises continue to take their services to the cloud, Google is aiming to wrest away some of Amazon's control of that market, which is why the tech giant announced yesterday that it plans to acquire the API management firm Apigee for $625 million.

APIs (application programming interfaces) enable users to connect with companies' existing IT infrastructures, allowing those systems and software to be used for digital, mobile and cloud-based business. Founded in 2004 and publicly traded since 2015, Apigee helps enterprise users build and manage APIs.

Google's announcement comes less than a year after the company hired VMware co-founder Diane Greene to reinvent its cloud business. Since then, she has led Google through a number of changes aimed at boosting its profile as a cloud services provider.

Accelerating the Move to Digital Business

"The addition of Apigee's API solutions to Google cloud will accelerate our customers' move to supporting their businesses with high quality digital interactions," Greene wrote yesterday in a post on Google's Cloud Platform blog. "Apigee will make it much easier for the requisite APIs to be implemented and published with excellence."

Apigee's services are used by hundreds of enterprise customers, including AT&T, Bechtel and Walgreens. For example, Walgreens uses a Photo Prints API to enable online customers to order and print photos at any store and it also has a Prescription API that lets people order refills via a mobile app.

"Apigee's mission has been to build a company that powers the APIs and delivers the know-how to help enterprises navigate a new kind of business reality and operate as modern digital businesses in a multi-cloud world," Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor wrote yesterday on his company's blog. "We have a solid track record of working hand in hand with some of the largest and most demanding...

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