Google Announces ‘Buy’ Button in Mobile Search Ads

ItEUs official. Google has unveiled its much-rumored EUbuy buttonEU -- except itEUs called Purchases on Google. The company is testing the concept but is clearly expecting big things.

WhatEUs the big deal? U.S. retailersEU conversion rates on desktop computers are twice as high as they are on mobile, according to aggregated data from Google Analytics for the U.S. retail vertical. That stat inspired Google to work on newfangled technology to help retailers drive higher conversion rates on mobile devices.

EUWhen a shopper searches on mobile for a product such as EUwomen's hoodies,EU she may see a shopping ad with 'Buy on Google' text,EU said Jonathan Alferness (pictured above), vice president of product management for Google Shopping. EUAfter clicking the ad, she's taken to a retailer-branded product page hosted by Google. Checkout is seamless, simple, and secure, thanks to saved payment credentials in her Google account.EU

Impulse Buying?

ThatEUs how it would work in a perfect world, but it may not always be so smooth in reality, at least not at first. We caught up with Greg Sterling, vice president of strategies & insights for the Local Search Association, to get his thoughts on Purchases on Google. He told us this technology will give Google another analytics tool and it may give the company another way to charge for advertising.

EUIf Google drives a sales lead to a landing page from that buy button itEUs hypothetically worth more than clicks. ThatEUs speculation on my part,EU Sterling said. EUIt will also give Google some additional data about user behavior to some degree.EU

Still, Sterling said it remains to be determined if people will buy goods directly through buy buttons in search results -- unless they're searching for things theyEUve already decided to buy.

EUThereEUs a process people need to go through to make a decision. Usually thereEUs some...

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